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1.1. Live The Connection is a brand of The LOVE Method GCV, with social domicile in 2880 Bornem, Puursesteenweg 10, registered in the K.B.O. as number 0834.195.347 (hereinafter called ‘Live The Connection’) respects, as responsible for the processing of your personal data, your right to the protection of your personal data and will take care of an optimal protection of your data.


  1. Application

1.2. This privacy policy applies to all persons whose data are being processed by Live The Connection for purposes defined in article 6 below. The use of the information, which Live The Connection collects and processes, is liable to the privacy policy that is in use at the moment this information is being collected and processed.

1.3. Live The Connection will adapt this policy from time to time. If Live The Connection makes any material adaptations to the way in which it collects and processes personal data, it will announce this adaptation in due time. You are bound by any adaptation of the privacy policy as soon as it is published on the website of Live The Connection, unless these changes are so fundamental that Live The Connection feels that it needs your explicit consent.


  1. Definitions

1.4. The following definitions appliy to:

1.    Person concerned:the person whose personal data are being processed by Live The Connection.

2.    Purposes:the purposes of handling as defined in article 6 below;

3.    Personal data:all information about an identified or identifiable natural person (‘the person involved’); every natural person is considered to be identifiable who can be identified directly or indirectly, by means of an identificator such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identificator or by one or more elements that are characteristic of the physical, physiological, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

4.    Live The Connection, a brand of The LOVE Method GCV, with social domicile in 2880 Bornem, Puursesteenweg 10, registered in the K.B.O. as number 0834.195.347, with e-mail address tinne@livetheconnection.com.

5.  Processing: the processing or the series of processing with regard to personal data or a series of personal data, whether or not carried out through automated procedures, such as collecting, registering, ordering, structuring, saving, adapting or changing, retrieving, consulting, using, providing by means of forwarding, distributing or any other way of putting at disposal, aligning or combining, protecting, deleting or obliterating data.

6. The website www.livetheconnection.com

What personal data are being processed?

Your personal data that Live The Connection processes are:

  • Your family name and first name;
  • Your e-mail address;
  • And, if necessary, also
  • Your address, which is street, house number, postal code, city and country;
  • Your (mobile) phone number;
  • Your evaluation form (whether or not following a training session).
  • You guarantee that these data are accurate and correct. In case some data are changed, Live The Connection will promptly inform you about this.

The personal data that Live The Connection collects and processes automatically regarding your browser or your mobile phone whenever you are using the website:

  • Your IP address
  • Your type of browser
  • Your mobile phone provider
  • Cookie information

Information with regard to your use of the website, including the pages that you are consulting.

On which basis are data processed?

  • The processing of your personal data by Live The Connection happens:
  • For the processing of personal data of persons concerned with whom Live The Connection has made an agreement (like when you register for a training session): in order to enable the agreement to be carried out;
  • For the processing of personal data of persons concerned who visit the website: in order to protect the justified interests of Live The Connection, namely the execution and the extension of her activities;
  • For the mailing of direct marketing to persons with whom Live The Connection has not made an agreement: on the basis of the explicit, free and informed consent that you have granted Live The Connection about this.

For what purposes?

Your personal data are being collected and processed by Live The Connection, simply and solely for the following purposes:

For the processing of the personal data of the persons concerned with whom Live The Connection has made an agreement:

  • to conduct communication with the person concerned as part of the execution of the agreement;
  • for accounting and administrative reasons;
  • for the evaluation by Live The Connection of the training in which the person concerned has taken part;
  • for the evaluation of Live The Connection itself;
  • to keep the person concerned informed about the activities of Live The Connection.

For the persons concerned who register on the website of Live The Connection;

- to enable your registration and authenticity in using the website;

- to enable you to make use of the website;

- to conduct communication with the person concerned;

- to allow Live The Connection to analyse, personalise and optimise the content, the working and safety of the website for all users;

- to keep statistics with a view to passing on these statistics to a third party (whether or nor for a fee);

- to keep the person concerned informed about the activities of Live The Connection.


1.5. Live The Connection will not process your personal data in a way that is incompatible with the purposes. If Live The Connection considers using the personal data for other purposes, it will, if necessary, beforehand ask your explicit, free and informed consent.

Live The Connection underlines that you can object to the publication or the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes or direct advertising. Live The Connectiond will deactivate the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes or direct advertising after receiving your request via e-mail to tinne@livetheconnection.com, stating: ‘Objection to the use of personal data for marketing purposes.’

1.6. Processing by subcontractor(s)

Live The Connection can make an appeal to subcontractors for the processing of personal data for the purposes as determined in article 6. Live The Connection will only make an appeal to subcontractors who will receive the personal data from Live The Connection, with the purpose of processing these by order of Live The Connection after these personal data have been transferred (i) in agreement with Live The Connection’s instructions and (ii) in agreement with Live The Connection’s contract with the persons concerned as explained in this privacy policy.

9.         Currently Live The Connection makes an appeal to the following subconctractor(s):

IT managers, hosting companies and suppliers who store the data of our clients:

Live The Connection exclusively shares the personal data with these subcontractors as far as necessary for the purposes.

Who are your data shared with?

Live The Connection will not pass on you personal data – without your consent – to anyone outside Live The Connection. But you will explicitly accept that Live The Connection shares your personal data with:

  • its independent collaborators, volunteers and members of the staff, who according to its instructions and under its strict surveillance will carry out certain acts of processing;
  • public bodies or third parties, insofar as Live The Connection is obliged to do so on the basis of the valid jurisdiction or a court order;
  • the trainers Live The Connection makes an appeal to for the training sessions you have registered for.

1.7. How long will your data be processed?

Live The Connection will keep the personal data in a formate that allows the identification of your data, for the time needed for the purposes determined in article 6 and as long as Live The Connection is legally obliged to keep these data or as there are legitimate interests on behalf of Live The Connection to process these personal data.

Passing on to third countries

For the sending of mails, Live The Connection has to pass on personal data to countries outside the EU, where the server in question is located. If Live The Connection passes on your information outside the EU, it will take the adequate measures in order to protect your rights of privacy in the same way as provided in this privacy policy.

If you use the website, when you are outside the EU, your personal data can be transferred to countries outside the EU.

By putting your personal data at the disposal of Live The Connection, you will explicitly grant the permission to pass on your personal data outside the EU as described above.

1.8. Your rights

You can get access to your personal data, modify or correct them. Live The Connection will remove your personal data after receiving your request insofar as it does not go against the legal obligations or just interests of Live The Connection. Attached to this e-mail you are supposed to send a copy of your identity card and to specify which personal data are to be removed.

You have the right to request Live The Connection to limit the processing of your personal data, if:

  • you contest the correctness of the personal data;
  • the processing is unjust and you prefer a limitation of the processing instead of the removal of the data;
  • Live The Connection no longer needs your personal data for the purposes determined in article 6, and you still need them for the institution, execution or foundation of a legal procedure;
  • you have made an objection to the processing. 

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, if you refer to important and justified reasons with respect to your particular situation. With ‘important’ we mean that you have to show the reasons that indicate that the processing might have negative consequences for you personally. ‘Justified’ refers to data that show that the processing happens without legal basis or in a wrongful way.

Live The Connection will remove your profile (login and password) after receiving your request to Live The Connection or in case you have no longer used this profile for at least 1 year. When your profile is removed, your personal data will be removed from the website and from the servers of Live The Connection. This removal will be carried out as soon as possible, and there will remain no lasting copies of your profile for more than one hundred (100) days.

If you want to make use of one of the rights determined in the articles 11.1 until 11.4, you have to send a motivated e-mail to tinne@livetheconnection.comand to attach a copy of your identity card.

Live The Connection has one month the time to accept your request or to send you a note that it cannot respond to your request because it is evidently unfair or exceptional, or impossible within the framework of the legitimate interests or legal obligations of Live The Connection. Moreover, this period can be extended with another 2 months, depending on the complexity of your request and the number of requests it receives. Anyway, Live The Connection will in this case send you a note regarding the extension of the period within one month after receiving your request.

Even after the adjustment, correction or removal of (a part of) your personal data, copies of it may remain visible elsewhere, as long as your personal data were shared with others, or divided as a result of your privacy regulations. Live The Connection will take the necessary steps to inform the third parties to whom your personal data were transferred of your request. Deleted pesonal data will in no way remain in the backup of Live The Connection for more than ninety (90) days.

Safety and confidentiality

Live The Connection will take all technical and organisational measures to guarantee the safety and the confidentiality of your personal data in order to avoid the unintentional, unauthorized or illegal (i) destruction, change, adaptation or loss of personal data and/or (ii) transfer of or access to the pesonal data, and/or (iii) ways of processing.

The safety measures will be in agreement with the appropriate legislation about the protection of personal data and will be tuned to the risks typical of the processing and the nature of personal data that are being processed, taking into account the position of the technique and the costs of execution which this involves.

Live The Connection will take all measures necessary to make its possible employers and co-workers comply with the commitments concerning your personal data, and will make each participant who needs access to these personal data, sign an individual confidentiality contract. 

The website may contain links to other websites. Live The Connection is not liable and responsible for the privacy policy and/or privacy uses of other websites. You will therefore have to make inquiries yourself about the privacy policy of the website in question.

What in case of an infringement?

If an infringement regarding your personal data has taken place that has a high risk for your rights and liberties, Live The Connection will explicitly inform you, unless there is a legal ban on this. Live The Connection will therefore inform you about (i) the nature of the infringement, (ii) the data that were reported to the authority of data protection and (iii) the measures taken.


During your use of the website cookies may be downloaded on you spartphone, tablet or computer (after this ‘computer’). The downloading of cookies on your computer will always be subjected to the following stipulations. These stipulations will give you clear and complete information about the cookies that Live The Connection uses and their purpose. 

What is a cookie?

The term ‘cookies’ includes all mini-files that are temporarily saved on the workplace of the visitor or the server of the website and contain excerpts of information that during an exchange of data between the visitor and the server – which for its part is connected with the ‘web’ – were transferred or generated. 

Why does Live The Connection use cookies?

The website uses cookies and similar technologies in order to discriminate between your personal preferences and these of other users. Cookies are being stored on your computer for the following reasons:

  • They help improve the working of the website.
  • They help understand what the interests of the users are; and
  • They permit measuring how effective the content of the website is;
  • They help apply and protect the conditions of use, prevent fraud and maximally secure the website.

Cookies help Live The Connection offer you a better experience of use when you visit the website and also permit optimising the website. 

The information that is collected with the help of cookies does not permit collecting data that can identify you as a user. It only permits identifying the computer that is being used.

What kind of cookies are being used?

The website makes use of the following cookies:

  • ‘Session cookies’: temporary cookies that are deleted as soon as you close down the web browser.
  • ‘Functional cookies’: these are cookies that are used for the transfer of signals over a network or for the execution of a service that is required by you (e.g. to play sound or images). The website uses these cookies in order to improve the user-friendliness.
  • ‘Web analysis cookies’: these are cookies to put together anonymous statistics with a view to the improvement of the working of the website. So, the website makes use of Google Analystics (i.e. a web analysis service in which cookies are used to make anonymous summarising statistics), including Google Display Network (i.e. a collection of websites by which AdWords advertisements are presented) and Google’s Double Click Platform (i.e. technology by which digital advertisements can be created and processed and by which transactions can be carried out). 

Most cookies have a lasting duration. They are automatically removed after a period of two years after your last use of the website, or when you as a user explicitly make an action (by deleting the history of the software surveying the cookies).

What are they used for?

These cookies are used for:

(i) Control of the browser,

(ii) Connection and authentication as a registered member,

(iii) Storage of preferences,

(iv) Storage of the data of the user,

(v) Safety information aimed at the user,

(vi) Statistics for improving the website,

(vii) Statistics about ratings or the visiting origin of the website,

(viii) Load balancing,

(ix) Sharing the content,

(x) Monitoring or tracking,

(xi) Sharing of (collected) data with third parties (e.g. social network sites), and

(xii) Any other legal use of cookies, metadata and tracks of the transaction content, and in which the transaction generates data that are necessary to be able to continue operations (e.g. as for an order).

How long does Live The Connection save the cookies?

The data collected by means of cookies are saved for no more than two years.

How can you control cookies?

You have the right to object to the use of cookies, to withdraw your consent in this matter, or to control the cookies. By adapting your computer settings, you can change your navigation of the Internet and also the conditions of access to certain services that require the use of cookies. You can always choose to eliminate all cookies, or to change your wishes concerning cookies through the methods described below.

Every browser has other cookie settings. You can choose to set your browser in such a way that cookies are stored on your computer or that they are all deleted, whether systematically or on the basis of the sender. You also have the possibility of setting your browser in such a way that you are asked each time whether you want to accept or deny cookies, even before a cookie has been stored on your computer. The configuration differs from browser to browser. This is described in the help screen of your browser.

You can also block the above-mentioned Google Analytics advertising functions, e.g. through the Google ‘Advertising settings’, through the Google ‘Advertising settings for mobile apps’ or through the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Certain types of cookies, nevertheless, are crucial for the proper operation of the website. 

Your consent

The use of the storage of cookies and similar technologies on your computer is always subjected to your consent, unless when they are posted with the exclusive purpose to carry out the sending of communication through an electronic communication network or to render a service, explicitly asked by you, and when this is strictly needed.

Questions or remarks

You can always send an e-mail to tinne@livetheconnection.com, if you have questions or remarks in connection with the protection of your personal data or our cookie policy. Live The Connection will do everything possible to take care of your worries.


If you are still not happy with the way in which your personal data are being processed, you have the right to make a complaint to the authority of data protection.