Feedback on the Workshop on De-stressing and 'the ABC of de-stressing'

II really wanted to let you know that I loved the Workshop on De-stressing. The two teachers have a very pleasant vibe together and radiate good energy. The learning process was also very interesting. I did the exercise a lot and successfully! I am very happy with what I was able to learn from you. In the meantime I am also trying to convince my friends and family to follow that course with you. It really works!

Charlotte Corthals is 35.
At the Workshop on De-stressing I was totally stressed because my eldest son had had an accident with my car. He was fine, just a lot of fear, and my car is a wreckage. I can not afford a new one and I live outside where I really can't miss a car. STRESS!!!!!! My head was in chaos; the tears were on standby all the time, miserable! By doing 'The ABC of de-stressing' with Marina, I felt the anxiety disappear, and I could start thinking clearer again and everything became more relative. Blessed!

The day after the course, another son got left the track on his bike because of a skidding car. 15m later, a double femur fracture and a broken vertebra. I was devastated. Again I had lost all my motivation until I came across the ticket with 'the ABC of de-stressing' from 'Live The Connection'. Just unbelievable what that can do to a human being. At once the stress disappeared like a miracle as soon as I had done my exercise completely, really the max!

A.V.D.B. (v.) is in her fifties
"I use 'the ABC of de-stressing' regularly. When I do it prior to an worrying situation, I feel calmer, even in that situation. If I do 'the ABC of de-stressing' after an annoying, exciting situation, that situation will be less stressful for me. All very good. Anyway, it's a powerful feeling that you can do something, that you have a technique at hand when you want to deal with your anxious feelings".

L.B. (v.) is in her thirties.
"I was very inspired by the Workshop on De-stressing, I attended in Leuven. I think it's great of Live The Connection that you can share 'The ABC of de-stressing' with others. Why should we keep such a powerful and beautiful method to ourselves..." I.P.
"I've been suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus causes stress and stress exacerbates tinnitus, so there was a vicious circle. By applying 'The ABC of de-stressing' to my tinnitus, the stress around it has disappeared.
The tinnitus is still there, but because of the removal of stress, to a much lesser extent than before. This makes this condition a lot more liveable."

T.V. (m.) is in his early twenties.
I achieved the most spectacular result for myself with ‘The ABC of de-stressing' for the situation when a dog comes up to me and jumps up against me and sniffs at me. That image has been a real nightmare for me my whole life. I couldn't possibly have a conversation with someone and look at that person when there was a dog in the room. Incessantly I kept an eye on the animal in order to be able to jump away in time if it came near me. Needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience for my conversation partner and my part in the conversation was extremely limited. Less than five minutes were needed to get rid of more than fifty years of panic anxiety by 'The ABC of de-stressing'. I readily admit that I still don't like it when a dog jumps up against me, but I can continue to function. It really shows that I am happy with 'The ABC of de-stressing'.

G.H. (v.) is in her fifties.
Thanks for yesterday. It was a nice evening. We're both working on it. This morning I had a stress situation that I would otherwise carry around all afternoon in the back of my mind. I applied 'The ABC' during the day and realised later in the afternoon that I hadn't been worrying about it anymore: great!
I followed the Workshop on De-stressing in September, without any expectations, with an open mind. With the hope that change could come. I work as a care worker in home care full-time (after my divorce, before that part time). I was always completely exhausted and tired on Friday evenings. I really had the feeling: this is too heavy. I usually tried to recover all weekend in order to be able to work again on Monday morning.
I immediately started applying ‘The ABC of de-stressing' twice a day. The morning before work and the afternoon during the lunch break. Just a few minutes a day.
I felt the result after only a few weeks. I was still tired after the work week. But just tired. There was room to do nice things in the weekend.

I.V.D.K. (v.) is in her fifties.
I am 48 years old and I was convinced - just like my family and friends - that I was a calm, quiet person, listening, musing, dreaming, not bouncing around. After applying 'The ABC of de-stressing' and making some connections I started to feel a change in myself. It was only then that I noticed that there had been a constant anxiety before, a subconscious, suppressed tension that has now disappeared, making me feel different, calmer.

Also I have overcome my fear of singing solo or in a small group of friends or family. Since the age of ten I have been singing in a choir, with great pleasure and dedication when I had the idea that among those 60 singers I could not be heard. Singing solo was a completely different story: my nerves were killing me: I felt my heart beating in my throat, my voice shaking, some notes stuck in my throat, I broke out in a cold sweat, I was afraid that I would sing badly, forget my lyrics, it felt so enormously uncomfortable. We worked on it with Live The Connection, with a lot of positive beliefs. I can say that I've now become a real stage animal who will give a solo performance without any hesitation. If there's singing going on, I'll sing along spontaneously, small group or not. I don't feel worried, I feel at ease and I enjoy singing without nerves.

Live The Connection has also helped me with the disease process and the passing of my best childhood friend who died of breast cancer almost a year ago now. A horrible process. It has allowed me to find a good balance between my family and still be there for her as much as possible and keep the courage and strength to keep myself on track. I’ve lost count the number of times I used the 'The ABC of de-stressing' to let go of all the stress.

Live The Connection has shaped my personality and how I stand in life enormously. I now dare to be the person I want to be, without constantly adapting to others. I now dare to get involved in a conversation and I feel more free, more valuable and I am enormously grateful for this method.
A.C. (v.) is 48.
I am a beautician and shiatsu practitioner and I recently introduced Live The Connection to my practice. I gave shiatsu massage to a client who was highly pregnant and who had the intention of giving birth naturally to a child she was already inviting to come.

Almost at the end of the session the woman started to sweat enormously and felt very dizzy. I also got suspiciously hot and thought 'Oh, imagine her giving birth here'. I did not foresee that. The first thing I did was 'The ABC of de-stressing' to deal with the initial stress. After about two minutes she and I were a lot better. She kept sweating all over her body. Then I was able to work with her to deal with her present feelings and emotions and applied 'The ABC of de-stressing'. She now got all the way back to being herself and stopped sweating really hard. The woman asked how this could be done so quickly and if I could teach her. She was so grateful that she was able to take 'The ABC' home with her to be able to use it on her own, because she could still remember a number of things she was stressed about.
Two days later the baby was born naturally, healthy and well.

Jonathan Verlinden is in his thirties and is a Connection Coach.
The ABC of stress is part of my daily routine. During my last trip I visited a city in oppressive heat and had to make sense of a city map. It gave me a headache. I applied 'The ABC of de-stressing' for a while and the headache was gone!

G.H. (v.) is in her fifties.
I learn to connect with my own life. In this 'The ABC of de-stressing' is very helpful. With the help of this process I actually started to stand on my own two feet. The second day after the Core Module I experienced a major blockage in the confidence of my own judgement. In this situation I did 'The ABC' until it was completely clear again (and after that I changed a pattern).

What is special about 'The ABC of de-stressing' - and all other connection processes - is that words are used that create an inevitability that enables full trust and action on all levels, including the conscious.

More and more I experience how deeply 'The ABC of de-stressing' works and actually transforms the stress completely. It continues until everything is gone, which is very powerful.

It works for large and minor stress, wherever anything (sometimes 'small’) seems to block, it flows again....

H.V. (m) is 50.
During the preparation for the Training for De-stress Teachers (that is the training for those who want to give Workshops on De-stressing themselves) I read something about 'driving too close to the side of the road' as an example. Immediately recognisable! My son is learning to drive a car. I regularly think he drives too close to the side or signposts. My stress is disproportionate compared to my reaction. Suddenly I remember a stressful situation from my childhood in which I rode my bike to school, had to swerve and hit a parked car. The feeling of shock, guilt and panic all came back to me! After 'The ABC of de-stressing' there is now plenty of space between my car and the poles !

J.W. (v.) is in her fifties.