Overview of the Workshops

Live The Connection is a very powerful method to eliminate all forms of stress in your life. During the workshops you will learn simple step-by-step plans to de-stress quickly and thoroughly.

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This is the recommended order:

1. Workshop on De-stressing

Everything starts with learning to de-stress situations. You lift the stress state in your brain and body in a few minutes with 'The ABC of de-stressing'. During this workshop you will learn to recognise stress behaviour. You will recieve background information on the functioning of the brain and insight into the functioning of consciousness and the subconscious mind.

How can you learn this? Take part in a live workshop, read the book on de-stressing and watch the free online section

2. Core module

During this four-day workshop lyou will learn the core of the method. You will get all the tools to determine your own subconscious impulses. You will quickly and efficiently learn to change bad habits and limiting thoughts into supportive ones. You also learn to take the stress out of your relationships, something for which participants are always very grateful. This all means that you will be able to live your own life more fully, instead of being distracted by subconscious sabotaging tendencies over which you have no control.

So you get everything you need to make a major breakthrough!

3. After the Core Module, you can optionally follow The Masterclasses 'Connected Thinking'.

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