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Workshop Ontstressen

De-stres yourself in less than five minutes!

Go for a breakthrough in your personal growth!

  • Do you still feel stress despite your efforts?

  • Are you consciously thinking positively, but still experience limited results?

  • Do you experience blockages that prevent you from progressing and that hinder your growth?

  • Do you experience triggers from your surroundings or from within yourself that prevent you from being who you really are?

  • Do you feel that you should have progressed further considering all the workshops and courses you have already attended?

  • Do you want to expand your knowledge with this extremely powerful method?
  • Are you ready to move to the core?

You have everything in you to live the life you want and yet you often still get stuck. Some methods and techniques can work well if your brain is connected and functions optimally. However, when your brain is in stress, for example because you are triggered, things are quite different. This is because with a brain in stress you fall back on subconscious survival techniques. At that moment you cannot use your wisdom creatively, because you do not have your full potential at reach. As a result, the methods you have already learned are far less effective.

Feedback of participants:

"A simple and very efficient method"
"A tool for life"
"An eye-opener!"
"Amazing yet scientifically proven"
"Very instructive, not vague, concrete and practical"

Stop the physical complaints and the worrying!

  • Do you sleep badly or do you regularly suffer from headaches?
  • Do you have a food allergy or digestive problems?
  • Are you suffering from a lingering cold or do you generally not feel very fit?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating, worry a lot or are you not feeling well?
  • Are you often tired and do you suffer from muscle pains?

Sometimes you become so used to your physical complaints that you think it is just part of your life. You know it must be possible and you have tried everything, but so far you have not discovered a solution that really works.

Recent studies show that physical complaints are often caused by stress. But what do you do about it? Many techniques are time consuming or only help for a short time. With Live The Connection this is different. Participants in the Live The Connection workshops achieve wonderful results by working with the method themselves.

"Wonderful how much knowledge comes together in this 'simple' way of de-stressing"
"A revelation"
"A beautiful tool for everyday use and always applicable"
"Extraordinarily interesting"
"Surprising and quick result"

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During this Workshop you will learn:

About stress in the brain:

  • What stress is; not only stress at work, but, also brooding, annoying memories, physical complaints ...
  • To recognise your stress behaviour
  • How the brain normally interacts (connected brain)
  • What happens in your brain and body when triggers put you in stress mode?

The consciousness and the subconscious mind:

  • The properties and functioning of consciousness  in stress and connected brain
  • The properties and functioning of subconscious in stress and connected brain
  • To uplifting the stress in your brain

Practice: 'The ABC of de-stressing':

  • Learning how to communicate with your subconscious
  • Learning how to test if your brain is in stress or connected
  • To lift the stress in your brain and body: a practical exercise in which you quickly and deeply relieve yourself of stress

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This workshop is for you if ...

  • you want to be able to move on quickly at any time
  • you don't want to lose yourself in stress anymore, but feel energy and vitality instead
  • you want to stop worrying and sleep better
  • you want a profound method that you can apply yourself
  • you're ready to embrace a change!

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"Be surprised by the professional explanation and especially of its effect! I can centrainly apply this in everyday life"
"You're gaining huge rewards from using it every day, and it's going so fast!"
"Very interesting workshop, lots of connections and insights with other therapies and ways of thinking."
"Very accessible method, super interesting, workable, useful."

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