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The Core is the four-day workshop where you learn Live The Connection tools. During The Core you receive all the tools to de-stress your life in the most profound way.


"These four days are the most beautiful present I have ever given myself." Reaction of a participant

Go for profound and lasting results on a personal level, in your relationships, for your health and at work! 

In four days we will teach you how to change your beliefs, how to get rid of bad habits and old patterns. To do away with stress in your relationships and how to fundamentally orientate your life towards whatever is good for you and your environment and all the people within it.

Since the research on cell biology of dr. Bruce Lipton we have come to realise that our beliefs do not only dominate our thoughts, they also influence the whole of our body's functioning. Our subconscious impulses have more impact on our lives than we consciously think and want.

The subconscious, which is also called the database of all our experiences, is guiding all of our coming and going, one million times faster than our conscious mind. If our subconscious mind is optimally adjusted to what we consciously want, everything will go smoothly in our lives. But often this is not the case. We often do something different from what we actually want to do.

Everything is interconnected. The organs in our body, our nourishment and our emotions, our behaviour and our feeling of well-being, the contact with our environment, friends and even pets: it is all closely connected. If there might be a problem on a single point – caused by our education, trauma or other circumstances of life – all this will influence the whole of us. Therefore it is necessary to create balance again. During The Core you will learn to restore the balance within yourself and with the world around you on a cellular level.

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It is therefore crucial that we adjust our subconscious programming. With Live The Connection we will quickly, simply and thoroughly change our subconscious impulses, with lasting results. Reading and changing the subconscious mind appears to be as simple as changing a text in a word document.

  • How to recognise and dismantle stress behaviour
  • Q & A about The ABCs of De-stressing
  • Why what we believe is creating our life: unravelling the workings of subconscious beliefs and patterns
  • Achieving what you really want. How to activate supportive programs in the subconscious: presentation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion
  • The crucial role love plays in the process of de-stressing and reprogramming


Live The Connection is unique in its focus to deal with bad habits. Bad habits are just a combination of stressful situations and the beliefs we have stored afterwards. A bad habit is something we tend to do quite often, although it may go against what we want, against our nature. Repeating bad habits is in itself a source of stress. During The Core you will learn to dismantle and adjust bad habits completely, so that you automatically do what you really want in stead on having to rely on your will power.

  • Dismantling bad habits and installing self-reinforcing thought
  • Selecting the most effective tool of change
  • How to dismantle disturbing patterns: explanation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion


Most stress is developed in the relationships with people around us. There is no single longing as big as wanting to enjoy relationships with each other. Relationships are complex, they are mostly shaped with  few actual words. Sometimes, when things go wrong, it is difficult to identify why.  With Live The Connection you can locate the single point of a problem, wherever it might be hiding. You learn a simple connection process in order to clarify and restore your relationships to their full potential.

  • Ethical surrogation: explanation, demo, practice
  • Clarifying and deepening relationships with family, friends, your partner, colleagues and with yourself
  • Tools to recognize destructive relationship patterns and how to change these
  • Clarifying relationships: explanation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion
  • Deepening relationships for a specific outcome, such as peace in the relationship, deeper connection, being able to let go, working flexibly together, open communications...


  • How to apply Live The Connection in different situations
  • The Basics: a fundament for your whole life
  • How you can better recognise your blockages and subconscious programs and get the best out of what you have learned here
  • Where do you find inspiration and sources to deepen the transformations? How to work with ‘lists’ that can be helpful in your process: from books, from the Internet, from spiritual traditions, your own ideas... Explanation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion
  • I am able to accomplish much more than I thought I would! Integration of all that you learned

During these four days you will get everything you need in hand to de-stress yourself quickly and thoroughly on all levels: for permanent results, both personally and in your relationships, and to achieve a new level of good health and well being!

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