Feedback from participants

Below you will find a number of feedback we received from participants in the four-day Core Module...

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In the book of De-stressing you will find an extensive background and more than 100 reactions of participants!

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I cannot say but that I have become another person: the stress that I have experienced from childhood, has gone. I am quite relaxed inside, I can smile easily, I like life, I really enjoy living!
Live The Connection was a real ‘game changer’ for me. Suddenly I do not have to go into therapy for years to gather more ‘insights’, but I seem to have a love relationship with myself, I can quickly solve my old limiting patterns, I seem to improve my relationship with both my parents, and aslo with my brothers, I can de-stress my child immediately, and I can coach my husband into more happiness and depth in his life.
The only problem with this method, in my opinion, is that it sounds too good to be true for our rational minds: people cannot believe that you can solve problems that were there for years in a sesseion of one hour and for good. And still that is the truth! Since I have used this method the whole interaction in our family has been lifted onto a higher level. If Live The Connection could be applied on a larger scale, that would be an absolute blessing for our civilisation.

S.S. is 52 and a mother.
I have already had a couple of training sessions, but this is ‘really the icing on the cake’. The took is simple and practical. I have already done some de-stressing in the last couple of weeks…
The nice thing is that it works on you subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for 95 % of your behaviour, whereas your cnscious mind has only an impact of 5 %.
My previous training sessions were aimed at changing the conscious mind… (a very difficult and hard job)… I you apply the tool of de-stressing, the change takes place in your subconscious mind and it is stored in your body. This is a heavenly feeling and the self-confidence, the love and the joy are just added.

A.D. is 56.
I use ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ on a daily basis and regularly programme new beliefs. Live The Connection has had an enormously positive impact on my mental health and my general view of life, for which I am very grateful. On different levels I feel quite reborn. Much of my stress has gone and at last I am on my way to achieve my goals. I have also succeeded in ‘treating’ my tinnitus with Live The Connection. I think that quite a lot of tinnitus patients can find help in these processes of connection. Tinnitus has mainly to do with stress. This weekend I am going to teach a friend with enormous stress about a new job ‘The ABC of De-stressing’.

T.V. (male) is 24.
‘The training by Jean and Gerda taught me a new strength: The power to let go of the urge to want to understand everything. They gave me the courage to remain inquisitive, to continue to explore and find my own answers. The courage to be myself, accept my feelings, to explore what presents itself and learn from it. It taught me mildness towards myself during ups and downs, to be more tolerant with myself during my quest instead of being ever more demanding.

During my psychotherapist training I was taught that that the Subconscious Mind does not like changes and that it prefers to keep everything as it is. But Live the Connection showed me that this is not true: The speed with which we can get into contact with our subconscious mind is a real eye-opener, a delight to experience!
Live the Connection teaches us to become more aware and attentive of what our body can tell us. Our body is wise. But it can only pass on this wisdom to us if we are ready to listen to its soft whispering. A complaint is a question, an invitation.

The Live The Connection Core Workshop is truly a journey of discovery … Whether you want to make this journey or not is entirely up to you. I for one strongly recommend you to do so!’

Astrid Maes is 48.
If I had to write about everything that the LTC method means to me and which changes have taken place, it would have to be a book instead of a report, because my life has completely changed in a positive way, both physically and psychically, mentally, energetically... At last I feel in balance and happy. I can read the so-called 'problems' on my way (which are still there, I presume, as for everybody) as challenges to develop - without stress - in gratitude and loving connection with the others. At the moment I find life wonderful and easy and there are so many pleasant surprises on my way, which I can fully enjoy.
Thanks again for everything you have done and continue to do. Without your help my evolution would certainly have taken much more time and most likely I would still have been eagerly and perhaps also hopelessly struggling for a way to get out of my tricky situation.

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I am still enjoying the Core Module! I returned home connected and satisfied. In the quiet Danish countryside I have gone through the whole course once again and I have made a list of all suggested connections and practised them. It is a treasure of inspiration. I am quite enthusiastic! Live The Connection is for me the icing on the cake of my career of almost 20 years. It is a simple and sound method of (self-)help, in which ethics and sience go hand in hand. And in which quite a lot of precious puzzle pieces – like for instance the contextual thinking of Nagy and the Ho’oponopono tradition – are melting into a powerful medium of transformation.

Carolien Enis is 51, Connection Coach and Teacher De-stressing.
I have really found peace with myself and found quietness in myself. This is wonderful…

L.H. (female) is 29.
At the beginning of the Core Module I had proposed the word ‘insight’. And indeed, the insight has come. I have followed quite a lot of courses, each time with the feeling: ‘OK, this is going to bring me further,’ and still a feeling was remaining of incomplete possibility of trasnforming. But here I feel as if I left for the workshop on Thursday morning and came back in my house on Monday morning after many years. A different person, with an open view of the future. Transformed.
We were offered some nice instruments. Patterns that I have and can see all of a sudden. Beliefs I can cope with in order to remove them. But also the possibility of repairing relationships. This has gone very deep and into each cell of my being. The possibility of helping someone else with it, all so simple.

I.V.D.K. (v.) is 57 en werkt in de zorg.
It has been 20 years now that I received the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome after a long period of flu. I was obliged to completely stop my work of counselling and healing (both individually and in group on an emotional, mental and spiritual level).

Working was impossible. In the morning I could hardly empty the dishwasher and for the rest of the day my complete energy had gone. I tried out several therapies, with varying success. Periods of improvement and heavy relapse followed one another.

A specialist told me: ‘Learn how to live with it, because it will never stop.’ I could hardly believe this, because deep inside myself I knew that things would improve one day and that a solution could never be found outside myself. In this full period I gained a lot of courage from the ideas of the ‘Course in Miracles’. I found myself mentally and emotionally OK, I made progress on the physical level, but this was far from stable. There were days, weeks, sometimes even months, in which I found myself lying on the couch utterly exhausted, waiting for things to pass over.

In the spring of 2018, together with my daughter I registered for the core module of Live The Connection. In the days to come I did not know whether I would succeed in attending the four-day course and said: ‘When it is important for me to attend this course, please give me the energy and the power.’

After the first day I was completely exhausted but satisfied, and what happened in the next few days, seemed a miracle. I had an incredible amount of energy and felt like radiating. When I got home, I said: ‘The high-speed train has started.’

In the beginning I experienced a relapse a couple of times, but it lasted no more than two days. A ‘saboteur’ inside myself reacted with a jump of fatigue each time I felt too enthusiastic or positive. Through techniques of visualisation I managed to solve this problem. Meanwhile I have also attended the workshops ‘family’ and ‘communication’, and also there I received tools to deal with these inner saboteurs.

Since my energy has become stable, I want to support other people in this process. I have noticed how important the role of the subconscious mind is in every aspect of our lives: health, relationships, studies, work, success, … As long as part of our subconscious mind says ‘no’ or applies the brakes, we are stuck.
Fortunately all this can be dealt with efficiently through the processes of connection of Live The Connection, a supermethod that I like to integrate in my counselling.

Annemie Meuleman is in her fifties and a Connection Coach

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I teach 11- and 12-year youngsters, who, despite their young age, still have to cope with quite a lot of stress. This school year I gave the tool to my pupils.
In their feedback afterwards I could read: ‘Now I have a first aid with stress at hand’ of ‘I am going to use ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ in my football game this weekend, or when I have a quarrel with my mum, or for a difficult examination, or when I am in pain, …’
They know the words by heart and they spontaneously use ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ at moments when their brain is going into stress. I also receive positive feedback from the parents, some of whom are also using it.
This method is a blessing for me, both on a professional and a personal level.

L.V. (female) is a teacher, 54.
In the book ‘De-stressing yourself in less than five minutes’ I read: ‘Live The Connection has given me quite a lot of relief and peace. The insight that I already rationally had in the situation in which I live my life, has now penetrated into my feelings.’
This is my summary of what working with Live The Connection does. Often you know that you do not have to be afraid and that it is OK to make mistakes. And often you want to achieve something, but yo do not succeed in keeping going by the power of will alone. It is as if you cannot bridge the gap between what you are thinking and what you are feeling, or between what you want and what you do. When I am working with Live The Connection, the gap between how I am thinking about something or someone and how I am feeling about this is bridged. And this brings a world of difference to my daily well-being. As soon as I notice that something unpleasant remains in my thoughts, I know what to do and in no time can I feel my power again.

M.J.G. (female) is 36.
During the four-day Core Module of Live The Connection a new world opened up to me. A world in which I felt connected with my deepest beliefs and longings, and especially wit all people around me. You receive a method that is larded with external sources of help, which all serve the same goal: opening up your channel to love. In these four days you will receive a key, but if you do not open the door yourself, it will remain closed.
That is why I am so happy that the method contains lots of ways of dealing with things on your own. It is so fine to take your own life in your hands and to tackle problems where this is necessary. Without pain, but only loving attention. I want to recommend Live The Connection to everyone who is prepared to look at him/herself and to consider his/her life from another loving angle. Also here you will find ‘the proof of the pudding in the eating!

L.V. (female) is 72.

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Some more examples of what Live The Connection can do...

In my opinion Live The Connection is a fantastic instrument that you can use everyday – like yoga – for yourself. It is a simple method that in the long run lifts you up to a higher level of consciousness, that makes you happier and that gives you back your freedom to lead your own life without stress and blockades. Some people can come to themselves quite fast, others are a long way removed from their core and therefore need more time. That is not a problem, as long as we keep moving and growing, step by step. Sooner or later you will transform yourself and that is the point!

Esmeralda is 55 and a Connection Coach.
It was always difficult for me to leave on time, which resulted in me arriving late or very stressed for appointments. There was always 'something important' to do or time just kept slipping through my fingers, to the irritation of people around me. It was not clear to me why I did this. It looked like self-sabotage to arrive somewhere on time somewhere. My parents are always on time, but they did not pass this on to me.

When Marina asked me if something special happened when I was born, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. When I was born, my mother was alone. She had to prepare herself to give birth on her own. That was a very stressful situation for her. For me it was even a life-threatening situation. When I did 'The ABC of de-stressing' I became light-headed and my eyes went back and forth quickly.

The result: the following days it took me no effort to be on time during the core module. The following week I started waking up before the alarm clock (very special for me). I left for work on time every day. The need for coffee on arrival was no longer there. I notice that I have more energy during the day. Especially in the morning, I experience a calmness in my body, which is new for me.

Y.A. is 32.
I have many things to learn in this life, and being more compassionate to myself is one of them. I am here alone with still 4 of 6 growing children without a husband, so all sense of perspective or love has to come from my own feelings. On some days my old victim-me takes over completely, and then I am, sorry I was, completely lost. Now that I know the ‘Live The connection’ processes of connection, I can stand up again no matter where or when, if I make the choice!!! And that is so fine. You have your own life, your own happiness completely in your own hands, because you can always make the choice to do something about it. The ‘Live The Connection’ method is so practical, so simple and it only asks a little time and has so many positive results!!

A.V.D.B. (female) is in her fifties.

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I am 48 years old and i was convinced – just like my family and friends – that I was a quiet, calm person, with a listening ear, meditating, dreaming, no tomboy at all. Only after using ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ and some connections did I start feeling a difference in myself. Only then did I realise that before there had been a constant unrest, a subconscious and suppressed tension that has now gone, so that I can feel different and quieter.

In my daily life my fear of failure has disappeared. I feel much more self-confident, I dare to ask questions, I dare to utter my opinion. I am doing my best, but it does not have to be perfect. Hesitation has gone, the fear has gone. My self-love and self-respect have become bigger. Formerly I used to compare myself alsays and everywhere with others and all the time I appeared to be the least, the ugliest, the fattest, the most stupid, … If I met a woman in the street, I immediately thought: ‘Oh, that woman has class, has thin legs, is wearing a very beautiful dress.’ And so my inner critic started getting me down: ‘I have strong thighs, strong buttocks, strong legs, I cannot get rid of eating sweets, I am a loser, I cannot follow a diet, I have no discipline, I have no style, I have no personality.’ If I met a friend who could act and sing in musicals, I was in full admiration for his memory, his guts, his talent, … These things I could not find in me. The connections of Live The Connection have caused me to stop comparing myself continuously with others and to get myself down constantly. I still like looking at nice things and beautiful people, but I can enjoy these now. It does not hurt me, I am grateful and feel fine.

I have also learned to accept my body. Formerly I could not accept my 5 to 6 kilos overweight. So I used to wear floppy clothes that tried to hide everything, I avoided going out or visiting friends, I did not dare to go swimming and when I still wat invited by friends, I felt ashamed, miserable about my weight, a loser, because the people around me still succeeded in dieting and taking care of themselves. Now I buy a bigger size, so that I am not bursting out of my trousers, but that I am looking fine and that is OK. It is quite a double feeling. I accept myself as I am now, I am not getting myself down, but I still want to take care of myself, I try to eat healthily and move around and feel more energetic and easy. But this sometimes creates a huge resistance. Quite a lot of things have already been resolved: fleeing in food, eating out of loneliness, a feeling of guilt when I was feeling good and a feeling of guilt when I did not feel good, wanting to be free and not owing anything to anyone, … So I will have to work at these things further. I do not want to quit, but I keep looking further for the underlying layers/reasons.

Live The Connection has also helped me in the course of the illness and the death of my best school friend who died a year ago of breast cancer. It was a horrible process. But I could find a good balance between my family and still being there for her as much as possible and at the same time finding courage and power in order not to break down myself. I cannot count the number of times that I practised ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ in order to get rid of the stress.

Live The Connection has formed my personality and how I am living my life. Now I dare to be who I want to be, without adapting too much to others. I dare to mingle in a conversation, I feel freer, more valuable and I am enormously grateful for this method.

A.C. (female) is 48.

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For me Live The Connection is a method of transforming stress and undesirable beliefs, patterns, experiences, … You are given a tool in order to communicate in a direct way with your subconscious mind and change it. What distinguishes Live The Connection from other methods is that its foundation is Love with a capital ‘L’. Everything begins with Love and is reduced to Love. For me it is a method from the heart. By applying it, I experience a lot of joy of living. I experience this method in an energetic way and with high vibrations. So, it is right for me. My enthusiasm and commitment are very high. For me it is a method that I can support 100%.
During the workshop I chose to enter very deeply into my owh themes and one of these was overweight. Meanwhile I have already lost more than 10 kilos and I start feeling better and better again. I can wear my former clothes again and I feel myself becoming beautiful again. I receive a lot of compliments and I feel more and more self-confident. In my practice I have worked with a boy of 7 and he also has made the most improbable progress since then.

E.H. (female) is in her fifties and a physiotherapist.
I attended the Core Module of Live The Connection and received a clear view of what causes stress and how it works in your system, so that the whole system is undermined. In these four days you are taught in a very well-structured way methods that help you remove stress in yourself and others. All that is offered is thorougly based. There is a very good balance between theory and moments of practice, so that the integration of the knowledge is no problem at all.
What is remember most of all is the love that is woven through it all. So a vibration is created that helps you discover the best in yourself. I have been using Live The Connection for six weeks no wand I have used it very intensely for myself, and a couple of times with my partner. For me it works quite fluently, the processes of connection are easily made and can be integrated in combination with other methods. Live The Connection haf given me quite some clarification of several themes, I have discovered tens of inner conflicts. I do not yet know the result in the long run, but after every session I do, I find that I can look at myself with more love and that I can continue to live in joy.

F.S. (male) is in his forties and works in education.

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The Core Module of Live The Connection is very precious, among other things because you receive a very simple, very powerful way of addressing the subconscious mind, of creating connections between the two hemispheres by means of a very simple test. I appreciate that Marina in developing this method has done thorough research and has extensively worked with clients. Live The Connection is therefore a purification of several methodologies, in which every word in the processes of connection is important. Each time there is also a detailed bibliography in case you want to go more deeply into certains topics.

I am quite impressed by Marina’s extensive knowledge of several theories in psychology and behavioural sciences that support her method and practice. She also referred to cases she experienced in order to illustrate her argumentation and so Live The Connection becomes very practical.
The aim of the Core Module make sits application polyvalent. I mean that I have the basic elements in my memory and that I can then follow my intuition in order to complete for every person the components that appeal to me. This is a fantastic design: flexible and still structured, so that you can easily implement the whole process.

Moreover, the material and the worksheets are nicely composed and printed.

Marina showed to be a very empathic and caring teacher: she answered every question of the participants with patience and very detailed in connection with the needs of every individual.
There was plenty of practising time. The demonstrations were very clear. The atmosphere wer very interactive and at the end of every workshop day I was very satisfied.
In total this is an excellent training that largely surpassed my expectations. Today there is a lot to do about neuroplasticity and the diminution of stress and so on, but in this very popular and important field Marina is certainly a pioneer: a well-structured way of presentation, together with a strong theoretical foundation that in addition is simple in its application. I can strongly recommend everyone who is living in these modern times and is suffering from any form of stress the application of this method in one or other form.

Dr. Andrew Wong (male) is in his fifties and a doctor in Hong Kong.

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The four days of the Core Module were quite a revelation of the endless possibilities that Live The Connection offers.
The references to former work of scientists and researchers nourished my need to understand the things and their coherence.

The fact that Love is really becoming an instrument – if I can call it that in a more or less disrespectful way – in order to promote people, is the most beautiful thing I have learned. From my education and beliefs I have always had thid feeling, but no wit has just become more concrete. Mutual connections between people, between the conscious and the subconscious mind, between a single person and the whole, are becoming much more powerful by connecting them with Love. This insight, thes experience, makes it possible for me to see Love in people. Although this has always been my pursuit, sometimes it appeared to be quite difficult. Now things almost go automatically. This is a fantastic feeling that – I hope – will also reflect on those I happen to meet.

When I am going to meet people, each time I will test if there is a blockade in the relationship. If so, the ‘Clarification of the Relationship’ will immediately offer comfort and the meeting will happen full of love and respect in both directions.

‘The ABC of De-stressing’ is part of my daily routine. During a trip not long ago to a city, in an oppressive heat, I had to read the city plan. It gave me a headache. I just applied (it only takes a while) ‘The ABC of De-pressing’ and the headache disappeared.

The most spectacular result I obtained with ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ was in a situation where a dog comes to me and jumps at me and sniffs me. That image has been a nightmare all my life. I could hardly talk to someone or look at that person when there was a dog in the room or in the hall. I kept looking at the animal in order to jump up in time when it would come to me. Needless to say that this was not a pleasant experience for my conversation partner and that my part of the conversation was extremely limited. It took me less than five minutes to get rid of this more than 50 years old panic by ‘The ABC of De-stressing’. I admit that I still don’t like it when a dog jumps up to me, but I can go on functioning normally.
It will be clear how glad I am with ‘The ABC of De-stressing’. And in my enthusiasm I like to pass on this process of connection to as many people as possible.

Still dealing with patterns and working with ‘Remembering’ are the most thorough aspects I have learned during the Core Module.
Gratitude is the word that describes best the feeling I had when I returned home after four days.

G.H. is vijftiger en staat in het onderwijs.G.H. is in her fifties and works in education.

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It just helps for everything! Both my parents died last summer and the lack and feeling of guilt can give me serious stress, pain and sorroc from time to time. This si part of life, so I admit it completely, but when I feel that it is completely taking my life of that day, I just apply the processes of connection of ‘Live The Connection’ and I can go on living my life with love.

A.V.D.V. (female) is in her fifties.
Connection Coach Hans Vrijmoeth wrote the following letter six weeks after he had attended the Core Module.

‘For me Live The Connection is a surprising, connecting and also very emotional process, that gives me the feeling that my relationship with my own core, with the people around me and with my power of life is opening up further.

In practice it is diffiult to underestimate what Live The Connection has meant to me up to now. I can honestly say that since the Core Module I have experienced so much change that it is very difficult to distinguish which process of connection has which effect.
It is crystal clear that Live The Connection works in depth. An dit is so accessible!

Immediately after the Core Module I have finished a professional relationship of many years, which did no longer benefit me. Since then I have been able to be firm on my feet completely. I have learned to connect with my own life.
And in doing so ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ is very helpful.
With the help of this process, indeed I have been able tob e firm on my feet. The second day after the Core Module I experienced a large blockade in the confidence in my own judgment. For that situation I have done ‘the ABC’ until things became completely clear again (and afterwanrds I have changed a pattern).

The special thing about ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ – and of all other processes of connection – is that words are being used that create an inevitability on all levels, also the conscious one, and that make complete confidence and action possible.
More and more I can experience how deeply ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ is working and that ik effectively transforms the stress completely. It continues until everything has gone, which is wuite powerful.

It works for large and little stress, but also where something (sometimes ‘a little bit’) seems to be blocked, it sets things in motion again…

Clarification of the relationship is quite impressive and especially the clarification with my parents has given me a lot. Also I have doe a clarification with the person I mentioned before. One of the sentences is ‘I stop all nasty behaviour between us.’ And this seemed to lead to the inevitable effect of ending this relationship!

I have done a lot of connections with Live The Connection, about changing personal patterns. This is one of my most favourite processes of connection.
In using it with myself and others I have experienced how deeply it works. Mapping out the pattern gives a very beautiful insight. And afterwards you can integrate it into all your cells!

Since I have been using Live The Connection I know what my own definition of Love is. It is Living in Connection. The concept of connection has started living for me, both in the name of the process of connection and in its effect. I admire this use of the language!
We experience a deeper connection with my girlfriend, my children, the other family members, in which ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ literally helps to make flow immediately whatever does not seem to flow…
And I experience a deep connection with myself and with my own core. I find being able to work with others very fine and emotional. Giving the sessions with Live The Connection is a gift for the client…

You can find some examples here.
• A client surpassed his own irritation and succeeded in seeing his child, also in what it needed. He himself achieved complete insight after the process of connection.
• Another client surpassed her craving for sweets, and transformed all pain concerning the effects on her life of her former behaviour. It was a very emotional sessions. She tells that her impulses have gone…
• With another client we integrated the Basis and did Clarifications of the relationship in one session. She started with severe anxieties, but is feeling much better now…

For me Live The Connection has become the daily tool in order to live life much better and to pass this on.
This is Living in Connection. I am very glad about this.

Hans Vrijmoeth (PhD, 55) is a lecturer in mathematics and physics, Connection Coach and Teacher De-stressing.

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During the Live The Connection Core Module we learned how to clarify relationships. I followed the training with my eldest son and daughter. In the Core Module I have clarified my relationships with them. This gave me a liberating feeling. In the next few days of the training I felt that especially my son did no longer come to me to ask permission in order to do things, he did not claim me so much anymore, he was more independent and more self-assured.
That night we went to visit my mother. She has not attended the workshop, she is 88 years old, clear of mind but physically not that strong anymore and she has a weaker eyesight. My son would like to assist us in supporting the process. So, in the presence of my two children we did the clarification of our relationships that night. It was very emotional for myself and my mother and form y two children. They were very moved by the words that were spoken between us. So, this was a good experience for all four of us.

M.P.R. is 52, a teacher and mother of four children.
Live The Connection strengthened my intention to stand up for myself. This allowed me to play open cards with my girlfriend, because things could not go on like this. In one night there was a change in our relationship. No longer the behaviour of ‘an old couple’, in which routine is the basis of the relationship, but love that is expressed and lived! The children are quite impressed, because they see and feel the difference. This is an absolute breakthrough in our family.

O.D.B. (male) is in his fifties.
Thanks to Live The Connection my has as completed his master’s programme (last year of law studies) in time. Writing his master’s paper gave him a lot of stress. Two days before the deadline his stress level was so high that he could not longer continue. There was stress and uncertainty all over. He panicked, could no longer concentrate, started doubting everything he had written before, and he also doubted himself. He was ready to stop finishing his present master’s programme and to look for another subject in the next session.
Fortunately he wanted to test ‘The ABC of de-stressing’. And so he became quiet again. After that we did another process of connection, so that he could concentrate on what he really wanted: a perfect master’s paper and within the deadline. So, he could concentrate better again, work with new courage and finish his master’s paper in time. There was relief and gratitude: Phew! Yeah! Thank yo uso much!

K.B. (female) is 51 and mother of three children.

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With my family I went on a city trip to Barcelona mid July. My sister would like toe at an ice cream, so we went to look for an ice-cream parlour. We went into the first one we met. Our first question was if certain ice was prepared with peanuts. Two months before I had had an anafylactic shock as a reaction to eating coffee ice cream with apparently peanuts in it. It was a matter of surviving until the ambulance arrived.
I felt completely stressed again when the lady answered that at least three ice creams had been made with peanuts. Even my body reacted as if I had already eaten peanuts: I had a rash and my throath started swelling. In spite of the busy atmosphere in Barcelona I first and foremost applied ‘The ABC of De-stressing’ and after that I installed the belief – through another process of connection – ‘It is OK for me to eat peanuts’, and my action plan was to eat an ice cream in the parlour. No sooner said than done. In the next ice-cream parlour they made ice cream in little roses and there was a board with allergens hanging on the wall. There was no sight of peanuts. But, while eating the ice cream, I still felt the stress coming again. And my throath was swelling again. I have been in DNA string for a long time, until the stress and the accompanying symptoms had gone completely.

D.R. (female) is in her thirties and a mother.
My life and that of my environment is improving from day to day thanks to Live The Connection. This is super! My husband, who has lived all his life in anxiety and stress, has finally become cal mand peaceful. He was so happy that he did not sleep a whole night from sheer pleasure. He did not know what it meant to be without stress. I could tell more examples, but you will have experienced yourself that it works. I am very grateful to Marina and the whole team.

A.B. (female) is 73.
Personally I find the ‘Clarification of the relationship’ a very beautiful process of connection. You really get the feeling that the other one is feeling what you mean and vice versa you also feel what the other one means. The last part is extremely beautiful. During the ‘Clarification of the relationship’ with my mother we gave each other a big hug there. Because deeds can sometimes tell more that words. And we also said very personal things. And I especially remember that everything felt very good at that moment. The exact words may have been lost, but they do not matter so much after all.

J.R. is twenty and a student bio-engineering.


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I am so glad that I have discovered Live The Connection. I will give only one example: for years I have discovered that I very often wake up with clenched fists. And suddenly, after Live The Connection, I have noticed that I did not do so anymore. I found both my hands relaxed. And even more, during the day my hands regularly take each other and touche each other. I am so glad with this.

C.C. is 53 and suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome
Asking for a start-up capital for a business does not succeed. After 6 times I called the help desk and while calling my PC even stopped working. I restarted my PC and while waiting - it is an old PC – I did the Heart-Breath process of connection with the intentions: ‘Asking for a start-up capital for a business is going smoothly’ and ‘I will succeed in aksing for a start-up capital for a business from the first time.’ And look, I made a new effort. And immediately I could log in and post my application! This is wonderful, how we can influence our brain and so, life becomes much easier.

E.S. (female) is 37 and yoga teacher.
My son is 13 years old and in his puberty years. His voice has become lower for some time (his voice is breaking). Since then I have felt some irritation coming up, whenever he said something, I gave some remarks to what he said and/or how he was saying this. I found his voice sound complaining and nagging.
A couple of days after following the Core Module of Live The Connection I asked myself the question: ‘Do I want this? What is it I really want?’ And since I have done a process of connection about this, I do no longer feel irritation and we do no longer have conflicts. Apparently I am not going into stress again when I hear his voice, which is a big step forwards in our relationship.

M.P.R. is 52, a teacher and a mother of four children.


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